Art in Form takes on many forms, just as Maureen Faulkner’s life takes on many forms; evolving stories, people in different places, connections, and travel. Maureen lives on the Nechako River in Prince George, BC, and is influenced by its hard reality, quieted by its metaphoric magic. Her art is often created from the deck of a small red kayak, with paddle in place, pools of paint, and the running river weaving its way into a two-dimensional form. Her art is about time and space, moments in place, while she puts the form of life into her work.

Delve deeper into the site and discover Maureen’s passion for art and just how art can affect your every-day life. Maureen offers specific and personalized services for those in need of a piece of art, a room to be decorated for a big event, or individualized art lessons for those who are on their own artistic journey.


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