Commissioned Works

Maureen works on paper or wood in graphite, pencil crayon, oil pastels, or paint. Sizes range from postcard to full wall. She offers the following services.

Greeting Cards
Cards can be created according to the client’s desire for a given theme or occasion. Notecards can also include matching envelopes.
A personalized mural can be done on an inside wall of your home or on an outside wall, such as the side of a garage or other outbuilding.
Personality Portraits
Your personal spirit captured in a what Maureen calls a “personality portrait” of your home, cabin, or special project like an old vehicle, boat under construction, etc.
Created for an event in your home, an installation is a site-specific and time-limited art piece which can be set in your garden or dining room for a special birthday or themed party.

Lessons and Group Workshops

Of course, art lessons are also available, customized to teach you to draw or create something in particular. Maureen is willing to travel to your group’s location if needed. Contact Maureen for details.

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